From a little boy with a dream to a man with a reality, Flemmie Pitts has evolved enormously along with the Washington Community Center and Newton County. Flemmie went to Washington Street Elementary School, the very school he helped rebuild after it was burned down and made into a community center and attended R.L Cousins High School. Flemmie was president of the Washington Street community Center board of directors. Flemmie to the community is one of the voices for CHANGE. Even though Flemmie is retired you would ask yourself, why is he still working? The answer is to him, helping the community is not a job, it is not a requirement, it is a passion, a way of life you cannot put a title on something you desire to do, so it comes naturally. He loves to research on everything mostly ancestry. He spends time on hearing what people have to say about their community and does action. Instead of old schools being torn down, Flemmie and others try to save those buildings for other needs such as recreation/education for the community. He supports the children and the aged, and also works on many local and regional boards to secure monies for Newton County. He loves his community and I'm pretty sure they love him back. In 2009 Flemmie was awarded with the "NACPRO Award" in Covington/Newton County ,Georgia. Flemmie also worked with recreation softball team known as "The warehouse gang". A semi-pro traveling softball team, in which he played for in 1984-85, the team was owned by retired Atlanta Falcon Running Back- Jim Mitchell.
Enough about work lets talk about the family. Flemmie adores and loves his family he spends a lot of time searching for his ancestors, so that the information can be passed down the generations to come. Flemmie has one daughter that attended UGA, he truly cherishes her, and his wife that he loves dearly for 44 years.
In the little time I have known Mr.Flemmie Pitts, I am proud to say I have honestly learned a lot not only about the history about the important people who used to live here or still do but the history in the county. Thank you.

-By Micah (one of the ind.3)

Thank you for everything you do Flemmie Pitts ☺

♦♣Pictures of Flemmie Pitts Below♣♦ Welcoming the season
external image IMG_2392.jpgFlemmie Pitts speaks to the crowd after the announcement that he was the person selected to light the courthouse this year.
Photo by Mandi Singer
external image IMG_2395.jpgFlemmie Pitts flips the switch to light the historic Courthouse officially welcoming the holiday season to Newton County Thursday evening.
Photo by Mandi Singer

-Micah (one of the ind.3)