Community History Interns:

Calendar of Activities. Summer 2009


Week Three

Monday, June 29.

Tuesday, June 30.

Wednesday, July 1.

Thursday, July 2

Friday, July 3.


Week One.

Monday, June 15. Orientation at Washington Street Community Center.

Tuesday, June 16. Computer training at Washington Street Community Center. Learn how to post to the Afro-Newton wiki.

Tasks to accomplish:
  • Each intern should create his or her own page, linked from the "Meet the Interns" page: introduce yourself, list some of your ancestors, and link to a newspaper article of interest. If you have a favorite music group, you could make a link to their website. Please add a line "Meet the Other Interns," and link it back to the main Meet the Interns page.
  • Correct and update the "News Stories" wiki page. Correct all hyperlinks to the Covington News Stories. Make sure that all recent stories (July 2008-present) are listed . Please list article title and date, following the URL link. (To find articles in try various search terms, such as "african", "black", "black history", "civil rights", etc.) Also search the archives.
  • On the Sports page, link to Covington News and other newspaper stories about recent stories of athletic accomplishment
  • Update the profile pages of Mr. Forrest Sawyer Jr. and Mr. Flemmie Pitts (if they have time, please interview them for information). Link their pages to any newspaper articles about them.
  • On the Pioneers wiki page, link the names of pioneers to any newspaper articles on line about them.
  • On the Civil Rights memories page, link any civil rights events, such as the Black Easter march, to any newspaper articles on line about them. Also link events to relevant websites about the organizations (such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee) and the civil rights movement.
  • On the Military Service page, link to relevant internet articles about the history of African-American service in the Armed Forces (start with

Wednesday, June 17. Introduction to family history research at the Newton County Public Library Georgia History room. Learn how to use and other Genealogy resources in the History Room. Meet with Mr. Bob Halcums, Assistant Director of the Library.
(Note, the genealogy volunteer will be in the History room from 12 noon-2:00 p.m.

Tasks to accomplish:
  • Go to via the Public Library computers in the Georgia history room. You will need a library card; if you are under 18 your parent or guardian will need to sign a permission waiver for you to access the library computers.
  • Try to find as much information as you can about your ancestors (or other African-American families with roots in Newton County, such as the Hendricks or the Pitts families.) Create a page on the Afro-Newton wiki about each family that you are studying, and update it.
  • Background: The Federal Census, taken every ten years, is the best place to start. The first census to list African-Americans by name was 1870; the last available census is 1930. The 1890 census data was destroyed, but is trying to make up some of the gaps with other sources.
  • Try to trace your ancestor's brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, great-parents, etc. Take careful notes on what you find. Include this information on your own wiki page in the "Ancestors' section. It is best to check each census specifically. Start with and then scroll down to the specific year
  • If you can trace an ancestor who was an adult from 1865-1874, check if he or she had an account with the Freeman's Bank, the records of which are all on
  • Before 1870, the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules may have information on slaveowners, if you can determine the owner of a specific enslaved person.
  • If time permits, do genealogical research on one of the Pioneers.
  • Expand the Free Person of Color section. Try to find out Census information (from 1870) onwards about the Free Persons of Color listed in The History of Newton County, pp. 180-182. If their guardians are listed, check the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules (via to see if the guardians were also slave slave owners.

Thursday, June 18. Research in Covington City Cemetery.

Friday, June 19. Community Garden work at Turner Lake; Continue work updating the Afro-Newton wiki.

Week Two (working with Professor Mark Auslander)

Monday, June 22. Introduction to videoing & YouTube; Afternoon, video interviewing at the old courthouse and on Covington Square (civil rights memories).

Tuesday, June 23. Visiting Covington cemeteries with Ms. Emogene Williams. Learning to research legal records. Probate Court and Deeds Records. Newton County Judicial Center; Meet Mr. Bob Furnard--video shooting and editing techniques.

Wednesday, June 24. Lecture on Researching Slavery; Research: Judicial Center (Probate Court, Deed Records); Video shooting: Mrs. Bertha Goss' Beauty Parlor. Afternoon research in the Newton County Public Library.

Thursday, June 25. Visit with Bobby Howard, to Moore's Ford bridge siite near Monroe. Research the Susan Ivey story (Walton County)

Friday, June 26. Visiting Oxford Cemtery with J.P. Godfrey, Jr. Visiting old Covington jailhouse with Rep. Tyrone Brooks. Editing and posting YouTube videos.

Sunday, June 28. Special afternoon event: Guest appearances on radio show, Our Brothers and Sisters' Keeper.