Video Footage. African American Community History Project

The History Interns have shot the following videos, which they are transcribing and editing.

Video 1 (6/22/09) The Old Covington Jail. Richard Johnson, Forrest Sawyer. Chat with Sheriff Brown

Video 2(6/22/09) Bethlehem Baptist Church with Revs. Benton and Shorter.

Video 3 (6/22/09) Deacons Forrest Sawyer and Richard Johnson (SCLC/Civil rights movement memories)

Video 4 (6/23/09) Emogene Williams in West Viiew cemetery and Old Covington Cemetery

Video 5 ( 6/24/09) Mrs. Bertha Goss in her beauty shop, off Covington square

Video 6 (6/25/09) Moore's Ford lynching memories, with Mr. Bobby Howard.

Video 7. 6/25/09. Conclude Moore's Ford tour (Zion Hills Cemetery).
6/26/09. Begin Oxford Cemetery with J.P. Godfrey, Jr. and Mrs. Amma Lou Patterson.

Video 8 (6/26/09) Oxford Cemetery with J.P. Godfrey, Jr.

Video 9. (6/26/09) Jailhouse with State RepresentativeTyrone Brooks
Video 10 (7/8/09) Interviewing Lottie Johnson about her experiences as a county extension agent.
The following videos are not yet numbered:
Video 11 (7/14/09) Interviewing Hawnethia Williams about her journey from an educator to city council member to Mayor Protem and third vice president of the fifth district.
Video12 (7/21/09) Pastor Clara Lett of Rainbow Covenant Ministeries in Covington, Ga preaches her profession and life experiences to the historical interns.
Video13 (7/20/09) Forrest Sawyer spreads the news of a upcoming commemorative plague for the R.L Cousins Football Legacy victory win of 102 to 0.
Video 14 (7/23/09) Farwell to the I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T 3 the end of the program but the beginning of unraveling
7/7/09. Interviewing Virgil Eady (Oxford) about the Stone family history

7/7/09 Interviewing Betsy Moorehouse (Burge planation) about Burge family history

Starting on 7/8/09, the interns used a JVC camera without tapes, only an internal hard drive.

Interviews inclue:

7/8/09. Ms. Lottie Johnson. (in her office on Washington Street).