African-American Churches in Newton County, Georgia

Historic African-American churches in Newton County include:

The histories of a number of the county's African-American churches are presented in the published book, The History of Newton County. These include: James Paschal Baptist Church (p. 462), Bethlehem Baptist Church (462-3), Good Hope Baptist Church (463), Mt. Calvary Baptist Church(463), Springfield Baptist Church(463), Early Hope Baptist Church (463-4), Mt. Zion Baptist Church (464). Macedonia Baptist Church(464), Pleasant View Baptist Church (464), Mt. Olive Baptist Church(464), New Hope Baptist Church(464-5), Bethel Bara (Bethelberry) Baptist Church(465), Flat Rock Baptist Church(466), Little Bethel Baptist Church (466), Bethel Grove Baptist Church (467), Springfield Baptist Church(467), Grace United Methodist Church (505), Union Grove United Methodist Church (505), Gaither Chapel United Methodist Church (505), Graves Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (505), Livingston Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church (505), Murray Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (C.M.E.), Poplar Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church (506), Spring Hill Methodist Episcopal Church (506), Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church (506), Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church (507), St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church(507), Richards Chapel Methodist Church (507),Rust Chapel United Methodist Church (508-9) Photographs of African-American churches in the county are printed pp. 478-80.

Recently established churches:

On line resources:

For more information about the African-American Historical Association of Newton County, or to share information about the county's African-American history, please contact the association president Mr. Forrest Sawyer, Jr. (770) 788-0792.