R.L. Cousins High School

Established in 1955.

Football at R.L. Cousins

African-American high school football began at R.L. Cousins High School in 1966, under coach Gilbert N. Turman and assistant coaches Randall Smith and Walter Underwood.

At the Homecoming game in November 1967 the team achieved a victory of 102-0, an un-rivaled victory in Georgia high school football history.

Class of 1965 Celebrates 40th Reunion

The 1965 graduating class of R.L. Cousins gathered together on September 17, 2005 at the 'Under The Stars Banquet Center" to celebrate their 40th Reunion. The Class of 1965 consisted of 67 members. Many of these graduates would go on to make their mark on Newton County and other municipalities. Classmates traveled from many states to be a part of this Celebration.

A Candle Lighting Ceremony was held to honor the deceased members of the Class of 1965. Those members are: Willie Appling, Kenneth Askins, Frances Nolley Collins, Barbara Nolley Freeman, Peggy Gilstrap, Charlie Goodman, Jerry Johnson, Marvin 'Zeke" Perry, J.C. Pointer, Maggie Duncan Reid, Mary Thurman Smith, Freddie Usher, Druellen Ward, and Lenelle Williams.

A Proclamation by Covington Mayor Sam Ramsey declared Sunday, September 18, 2005 in the City of Covington as: "R.L. Cousins Class of 1965 Day". (submitted by Johnny Johnson - Class of 1965)

Class of 1965

Teachers at R.L. Cousins HS (partial list) - submitted by Johnny Johnson, feel free to submit omitted names

Frances Beale
Walter Underwood
Charles Tinsley
Ruth Smith
Lester Smith
Cornelius Mitchell
Harold Moton
Glady Randall
Cora Jackson
? Byrd
R. B. Phillips
Gilbert Turman
T.K. Adams
Patricia Herring
Willle F. Hill
S. L. Stone
A. J. Earl
D. H. Robinson
Cassie McDaniel
Huston Johnson
Thelma Furlow
Doris Bailey
Eugene Caldwell
Elease Gates
Martha Glanton
Lorine Hammonds
Catherine Johnson
Sally West
Henry James Wright III
Cora Davis
Sanford Lyons
C. E. Jones

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