Many African-American from the Covington-Newton County area, served in the US Armed Forces defending our nation in the past. Please continue to send us your family member's name & picture to be added to this site. Email address below
Adams,Bose(US Army)
Adams, Robert Wendell (US Army)
Aikens, Robert (US Army)
Avery,Love B.(Kayo) (USArmy)
Blackshear, Johnny B. (US Army)
Baker, Daryl W. (US Navy)
Baker, Dedcric D. ( US Navy)
Baker , Eddie
Baker ,Jerry (US Army)
Baker ,Melvin (US Navy)
Baker, Spencer James (US Airforce)
Benton, Douglas (US Army)
Benton James (Jay) (US Army)
Benton, Robert (Wolf) (US Army)
Brooks ,Clinton (US Marines)
Broadnax ,Henry J. (US Army)
Brown, Larry (US Air Force)
Brown, Eddie L. (US Army)
Brown, Edwin (US Army)
Burdette, John H.(US Army)
Carter,Charles (Hucklebuck)
Clark, Ebbie (US Army)
Clark , D. Larry (US Army)
Clark, Raymond (Ray) (US Air Force)
Cobb, Harold (US Air Force)
Collins, Walter (US Marines)
Cook ,J. R. (US Navy)
Cooksey, Samuel Lester (US Army)
Daniel, Melvin (US Air Force )
Spencer Robinson (Army)

Devoe, Charles (Pig) (US Army)
Elliot, Josh
English,John(US Army)
English,Nelson(US Army)
Fletcher, Johnny (USArmy)
Floyd ,Cary (Sonny) (USArmy)
Freeman, Freddie (US Army) World War l
Freeman, James
Freeman, Willie Ralph (US Army)

Gaither, Clifford "Shug", (US Army, World War I)
Gaither , James Rochell "Red Boot" (US Army Korean Conflict)
Gaither, Levi (US Army World War I )

Gilstrap, Charles (USArmy)
Gilstrap, Michael (US Army)
Godfrey, Ellis Charles (US Navy)

Godfrey, Isreal Jr. (US Army, World War 1) )
Godfrey, J.P. Jr. (US Air Force - 6 Jun 1956 - 1 Nov. 1982)
Godfrey, J.P. Sr. (US Army, World War I)
Godfrey, Kenneth (US Army)
Graves, Nick (US Army, World War I)
Grier, Walter (US Air Force)
Griffin, Terry (USArmy)
Griggs ,Augustus (Gus) ( US Navy )
Griggs, Harvey (US Air Force)
Griggs, Howard ( US Navy)
Griggs, Willie J. (US Army)
Hamn, Thomas (USArmy)
Hammond, Marion (US Army)

Godfrey, Kenneth (US Army)
Graves, Nick (US Army, World War I)
Grier, Walter (US Air Force)
Griffin, Terry (USArmy)
Griggs ,Augustus (Gus) ( US Navy )

Hardeman, Eddie (Bay) (US)Navy)
Hardeman, Larry B. (USArmy)
Hardy, Charlie
Harris, Billy (US Army)
Harris, Larry (US Army)
Head, Willie (US Army)
Henderson, Isaac Jr. (US Army)
Henderson, Ralph (Killed in Korean Conflict) Buried in Montgomery Ceremony
Hightower, Johnny (US Navy)
Hollingsworth, James (US Army)

Hollingsworth, Johnny (US Army)
Jackson, Forest (US Army) Wounded in Vietnam, 1966
Jackson, Larry (US Marines)
Johnson, Fredrich (US Army)

Johnson,Herman(US Army)
Johnson, Jerry (US Army) Killed in Vietnam, 1966
Johnson, Richard Jr. (US ARMY)
Jones, Michael (Casey) (US Army)
Jordan,Corneil (Navy)
Kelly, Charles (US Air Force)

Kimball, T.K, (US Army) World War I
Lackey,Brenda,(US Army)
Lackey Jr, Lester (US Air Force)
Lackey,Sidney,(US Army)
Lindsey, Cornelius (Lighting)
Maddox, Dwayne Bernard (Navy)
Marks,Walter (US Army)
McKnight, Carl Sr. (USArmy) World Warl
Mitchell, Nathaniel H. Jr. (US Air Force)

Moss, Tom (US Army) World War I
Mullins, James (US Marines)
Nolley, Clifton (US Air Force)
Norrington, Edward Charles ( US Army )
Norwood, David
Parker,Sherman(USArmy) World war l
Price ,Wilson (US Marines)
Perry, Marvin (US Army)
Pitts, Randolph (US Army)
Pitts, Hollis Sr. (US Army)
Rooks,Joe Henry (US Army)

Roseberry, Jerry (US Army)
Sawyer, Douglas (US Army)
Sawyer, Forrest (Preacher) (US Army)
Sims, Clifford (Boolum) (USArmy)
Sims, Ralph Thomas (US Air Force)
Scofield, Marilyn C.(US) Army
Scofield, Willie T. (US Navy)
Shepherd, Archie ( US Army)
Shy, Arthur (US Army)

Sims, Thomas (US Army) World War I
Soloman,Corey(US Army)
Vason, L. Dexter (US Army)
Weaver, Otis (US Navy)
White, Larry (US Marines)
White, Robert (Soghum) (US Army)

Williams, Thomas (US Army) World War II
Williams, Joe (US Army) World War I
Williams, Johnny C (US Army)
Woods, Milton (US Army)

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